Regina and Michael

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Our Story

Regina and Michael met for the first time at Mike's family's cabin near Raystown Lake, PA in 2008. Sara (Maid of Honor) invited Regina to her family Memorial Day Weekend celebration since they had become friends after being assigned as random roommates their freshman year of college at St. Joseph's University. Mike happens to be Sara's cousin and was at the cabin that weekend. Mike and Regina battled it out in a competitive one-on-one game of beer pong, which sparked a whole night of conversation.

In 2014, about 6 years later, Regina moved to Harrisburg, PA where Mike was currently living. Sara invited Regina and Mike to come to see a local band, and sparks flew again. Mike asked Regina out on their first date that night. On their first date they took a stroll across the bridge to City Island in Harrisburg, PA for a fun-filled day which included batting cages, mini golf, and ice cream.

In June 2017, Mike planned a weekend with brothers and close friends at the beach in Wildwood Crest, NJ. Regina did not know that Mike had been planning a surprise for a while now. After having eggs benedict at a cafe on the beach, Mike and Regina went for a walk along the beach. Along the way, they stumbled across a bottle buried in the sand. Inside the bottle was the message, "Regina, will you marry me????" At that moment, Mike got down on one knee and proposed, while Marcus (Mike's brother) was hiding behind a surf board shack taking pictures. That night, Regina was surprised by more friends joining for the celebration.

We are excited to start the next chapter in our lives and celebrate with you! We love you all.

Regina and Mike

Grace Kreinbrink